International Workshop on Energy Efficiency for a More Sustainable World

University of Azores, São Miguel, 14-16 September 2012

imagem_WorkshopThis international workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers and practitioners, working in energy efficiency in multiple and interdisciplinary perspectives, ranging from technology and economics to environmental and social sciences, also encompassing policy design and implementation as well as behavioral sciences.

Communications are expected to cover a wide range of topics including the design and analysis of energy efficiency policies and programs; assessment of socio-economic impacts at local, regional, national and international levels; energy efficiency in the residential, services, industrial and transport sectors; the contribution of energy efficiency for GHG mitigation; innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency; energy efficiency in buildings and urban environments; demand-side management and demand response; consumer behavior and dynamics of consumption; education for a smarter use of energy; smart grids as an energy efficiency enabler; the role of energy service companies; integration of energy efficiency with other energy policies; energy efficiency in isolated systems; methodologies to evaluate and certify energy savings; market-based mechanisms for energy efficiency; the role of regulators in promoting energy efficiency; standards and labels; market transformation; free-ridership and rebound effects; energy efficiency case studies.

Other topics and disciplines dealing with energy efficiency for more sustainable world are mostly welcome.

For more information, please click here to go to the event website.

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