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Joint Program on Bioenergy - New Report Available - Bioenergy beyond 2020

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Bioenergy Joint Programme has published a new report entitled the 'Longer Term Research and Development (R&D) Needs and Priorities on Bioenergy' which focuses on bioenergy beyond 2020.

It was prepared in association with the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) and benefited from the contribution of the participants in the workshop held in Brussels on 7th and 8th May 2013 which focused on this report topic.

To prepare for the post-2020 scenario, it is necessary to accelerate the development of advanced bioenergy technologies that already exist at pilot, or small demonstration scale, but are unlikely to yield impacts before 2020.

Beyond 2020, additional measures will be needed and it is necessary to begin to develop a new wave of biofuel technologies, which may be at a very early stage of development today, but offer considerable potential, or significant advantages with respect to current technologies, in the medium and longer term.

Hence the promotion and initiation of R&D in these new and longer range potential technologies is of great importance within existing and future research programmes at national and EU levels.

The report focuses on both evolutionary and disruptive developments in both thermochemical and biochemical-based technologies. It concludes with an overview of longer term visions and recommendations for the power, heat and transport sectors.

To download a full copy of the report click here.

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