eseia Business Meetings, Governing Council and General Assembly Meetings, Brussels, 1-4 December 2015

Teresa Ponce de Leão, Vice-Presidente do Governing Council, acompanhou os trabalhos da última reunião de 2015

Held back to back with the eseia Horizon2020 Update, the eseia Business Meetings successfully culminated with a series of important outcomes:

  • The Proposal Analysis showed a high success rate for eseia receiving funding from EC. In the period 2014-2015, ten proposals had been submitted. As a result of the project acquisition efforts, BioEnergyTrain (BET), Phoenix and SuPREME were approved with a total funding of 6 Mio. € (as of 2. December 2015). Three other projects were still under evaluation. With a success rate of 20%, eseia was very successful on a European scale compared to the Europewide success rate of 14% for eligible full proposals under the first 100 H2020 calls.
  • The eseia General Assembly voted the admission of TORBEL, Bio-C, University of Ljubljana, TH Köln, University College Cork and the Josef Stefan Institute as new eseia members. The year 2016 will start with 31 members from 14 EU countries.
  • The eseia General Assembly adopted the eseia Accounts Q3 2015, and the eseia Work Programme and Budget 2016.


Fonte: eseia Newsletter 18th Edition - December 2015 

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