ORECCA - Off-Shore Renewable Energy Conversion Platforms - Coordination Action


The objectives are to create a framework for knowledge sharing and to develop a research roadmap for activities in the context of offshore renewable energy (RE). In particular, the project will stimulate collaboration in research activities leading towards innovative, cost efficient and environmentally benign offshore RE conversion platforms for wind, wave and other ocean energy resources, for their combined use as well as for the complementary use such as aquaculture and monitoring of the sea environment.

The use of the offshore resources for RE generation is a relatively new field of interest. ORECCA will overcome the knowledge fragmentation existing in Europe and stimulate the key experts to provide useful inputs to industries, research organizations and policy makers (stakeholders) on the necessary next steps to foster the development of the ocean energy sector in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

A focus will be given to respect the strategies developed towards an integrated European maritime policy. The project will define the technological state of the art, describe the existing economical and legislative framework and identify barriers, constraints and needs within.

ORECCA will enable collaboration of the stakeholders and will define the framework for future exploitation of offshore RE sources by defining 2 approaches: pilot testing of technologies at an initial stage and large scale deployment of offshore RE farms at a mature stage.

ORECCA will finally develop a vision including different technical options for deployment of offshore energy conversion platforms for different target areas in the European seas and deliver integrated roadmaps for the stakeholders.

These will define the strategic investment opportunities, the R&;D priorities and the regulatory and socio-economics aspects that need to be addressed in the short to the medium term to achieve a vision and a strategy for a European policy towards the development of the offshore RE sector The objectives of the ORECCA project are to:

  1. improve the information exchange and promotion of specific research cooperation in this field between academia and industry, public and private actors.
  2. create an efficient and focused framework for knowledge sharing;
  3. involve and stimulate all the relevant stakeholder groups in Europe to define the framework for future exploitation of renewable energy sources in the offshore by defining 2 different approaches: one for pilot testing of technologies and concepts (at an initial stage) and another for large scale deployment of offshore renewable energy farms (at a more mature stage);
  4. develop roadmap studies for the research, deployment and regulatory activities in the field of offshore renewable energy.