WW4ENVIRONMENT - Integrated Approach to Energy and Climate Changes: Changing the Paradigm of Wastewater Treatment


The full title of the WW4ENVIRONMENT project is "Integrated approach to energy and climate changes: changing the paradigm of waste water treatment management". The project will cover a period of 36 months from January 2010 until December 2012. WW4ENVIRONMENT is co-financed at a rate of 50% by LIFE programme of the European Commission. The total budget is € 784.442.

It has 5 Portuguese partners, being IST the coordinator partner and UM, APA, LNEG and SimTejo the associated partners.
This project aims to: Implement an optimising tool for the management of wastewater treatment facilities, using the operational and energy consumption data to determine and minimize the carbon footprint, following the objectives defined by the European Union in terms of environmental impact and energy efficiency.

By means of the deployment of the project at a full-scale demonstration facility, the project aims to:

  • Optimize energy balance of the wastewater treatment facility by means of reducing energy consumption in processes and maximising its total and specific biogas production;
  • Assess carbon footprint and minimise it;
  • Increase the wastewater treatment facility efficiency;
  • Minimize the production of residual sludge;
  • Determination of the environmental costs of wastewater treatment processes, and consequently reducing them.

For those objectives to be reached, several methodologies, procedures and models will be designed at labscale and implemented at a full scale wastewater treatment facility.


Project website: http://ww4environment.eu

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