FECUNDUS - Advanced Concepts and Process Schemes for CO2 Free Fluidised and Entrained Bed Co-gasification of Coals


  1. The project aims aims at integrating gasification schemes for the co-gasification of coal, biomass and wastes with processes for CO2 separation and capture.
  2. Fluidised bed and entrained flow gasification processes will be considered thanks to their flexibility and effectiveness for carrying out thermal conversion of different feedstock.
  3. Seven work-packages are foreseen dealing with management, outcomes dissemination, tailoring gasification schemes for integration with CO2 separation, development of materials for gas cleaning, char upgrading, and CO2 separation.
  4. The main project objective is the development of new technologies to produce an hydrogen rich fuel with CO2 capture.


Página WEB: http://www.fecundus.cnr.it/




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