FAME - Flexible And Mobile Economic Processing Technologies


FAME aims to increase the competiveness of the mining of European mineral resources and to stimulate more private engagement and investment and thus business development with the potential to maintain and create high quality jobs within the EU28.
The focus and a principal aim is to enhance mineral processing and mining skills within Europe. A medium to ling term aim is to reduce the reliance of European Industry and consumers on raw materials that currently have to be imported from outside EU28.
FAME will contribute to the more efficient exploitation European domestic mineral resources including previously undeveloped resources that have the potential to contribute to the securing of raw material supply by optimising the extraction and processing of ores that include raw materials critical to the economic development of the EU ("critical raw materials", CRM) and which occur in widespread deposits across the EU. This project specifically addresses primary ore deposits with skarn, pegmatite and greisen ores as they offer the most promising potential for this purpose. This proposal will consider the flexibility (and to an extent the mobility) of the processing concept, in particular, by ensuring the modularity of individual project components. FAME will consider flexible and modular processing technology demonstrated in relevant operational environments (industrially relevant environments in the case of key enabling technologies (TRL). TRL6 is envisaged feasible for processing of pegmatites, whereas TRL5 is considered more realistic for other types of ore body.
The consortium has 16 partners from 7 European countries and includes industry, academia and governmental institutions. The consortium has a strong industrial background and involves strategically important reference deposits operated or/and accessible to the project partners and, additionally, associated partners within the EU28 nations and Greenland.

The key objectives of the FAME project are:

  1. To increase the competitiveness of European mining entreprises (especially SMEs).
  2. To develop flexible and mobile technologies customized to promising European mineral deposit types, compliant with environmental and legislative constraints.
  3. To validate the technologies developed and to demonstrate their capabilities in operational environments and different ore deposits.
  4. To stimulate private engagement and investment in the European mining sector.

This project specifically targets skarn, pegmatite and greisen ore bodies, that carry significant potential for the extraction of CRM. These ore types are mineralogically complex and have variable metal grades, but are of great strategic significance in relation to the overall resource balance of the EU. A holistic approach to optimising the extraction of these kinds of target ores using flexible and mobile technologies is essential for the economic and development of these types of resources with minimal negative societal and environmental impacts. With an optimum of input/output the methodological approach targets R&D on flexible, economic and modular environmentally sound processing to raise product recovery including valuable by-products, including, aggregates, sands, ceramic fillers, acid/gypsum and minor metals.
The project´s goal therefore meets the principal objective of the Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) to reduce import dependency and to promote production and supply from resources within EU28. This proposal is fully compatible with the establishment of the EIP RM and its innovative solutions to processing complex, relatively small scale deposits will assist the competitiveness of the European Minerals Industry. This proposal will increase confidence within the EU28 that there is sufficient access to Raw Materials and, in particular, critical Raw Materials.

Project website: http://www.fame-project.eu/


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