BET - BioEnergyTrain - European Network for Bioenergy Education


The development and adoption of renewable and sustainable energy has become a top priority in Europe. Research into new energy methods required to reduce our carbon footprint is an urgent and critical need, and is reliant upon a flow of newly qualified persons. Bioenergy is a particularly important field, as it is at the cross-roads of several important European policies European development in this prioritized field is stalled due to a lack of qualified personnel, a lack of cohesion and integration among stakeholders, and poor linkage between professional training and industry needs. The project will foster European cooperation to provide a highly skilled and innovative workforce across the whole bioenergy value chain, closely following the recommendations of the SET-Plan Education Roadmap.

This project aims to:

  • Developing two new master’s curricula in key bioenergy disciplines
  • Biorefinery Engineer (BRE) and Bioresource Value Chain Manager (BVC) and training 3000 students
  • Linking business and HEIs on bioenergy education - Creating regional outreach networks and quality standards
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