GREENBIOREFINERY - Processing of brewery wastes with microalgae for producing valuable compounds


The objective of GREENBIOREFINERY project is to develop new strategies to generate valuable bioproducts by integrating the treatment of brewery wastes with the production of microalgae biomass and derivate products. This integration will allows transforming the wastes from breweries into valuable biomass and bioproducts, thus not only reducing environmental impact of breweries activities but also recovering nutrients contained on these wastes, and producing valuable compounds. To achieve this goal the next major steps are considered: (1) characterization of wastes and development of adequate methods to use it into microalgae cultures, (2) to determine the optimal strains to be used, (3) to optimize the production of biomass and depuration of wastes under laboratory conditions, (4) to develop a biorefinery concept to use the produced microalgae biomass, and (5) to demonstrate and evaluate the process at pilot scale. This system will bring valuable information about the economics of the process and the feasibility of this type of processes for the final production of valuable biomolecules such as pigments, antioxidants, polysaccharides and proteins using the proposed raw material. This project is intended to put together the knowledge and experience of four biotech institutions with expertise in bioprocess engineering, microalgae biotechnology and in vitro cell cultures to produce in a very innovative manner highly valuable biomass using a new source of nutrients unused and underestimated at the moment in beer industry. As a result of this effort, we expect to contribute in the development of a waste to product biorefinery technology flexible and customizable enough to be used at different breweries according to the local needs and possibilities.
Alberto Delgado dos Reis
+ 351 210 924 726 - Ext.:4726
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