Ambition - Advances in key technologies and their integration for advanced biofuels production


AMBITION is dedicated to the definition and initial execution of an ECRIA on three key unit operations in the production of next generation liquid biofuels (biomass pre-treatment, gasification and syngas fermentation) and on linking energy systems (grid electricity and biofuels in particular) to improve overall efficiencies. AMBITION is a strong and joint European effort, closely interlinked with EERA Bioenergy. The specific advances achieved in AMBITION can be adapted to existing biofuel production schemes or integrated to enable new considerably improved, environmentally friendly and economically competitive processes The main objectives of the project are the following: 1) Formation of a strong, focused and lasting research partnership of renowned European institutions to develop a long-term strategy, which defines research priorities, need for technology development and innovation, simultaneously embracing the complexity of bridging the innovation space between strategic research and implementation in a transnational context. The research partnership includes researcher exchange and joint use of installations 2) Development of innovative key unit operations in biofuels production: Biomass pre-treatment Gasification and gas cleaning and conditioning Biochemical syngas conversion to liquid biofuels (syngas fermentation) 3) Evaluation of the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of integrating biofuels production from lignocellulosic biomass into today's energy system especially linking hydrogen from intermittent power to biofuel production
Florbela Carvalheiro Amaro
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